Episode 59 - Redefining Sales with a Touch of Positivity with Hicham John Elanmati


Today, we're going on a continued journey through the world of the one and only Hicham John Elanmati, aka Hurricane H. From revolutionizing the Medicare scene to redefining personal energy in sales, Hurricane H offers fresh insights that challenge conventional norms.


Have you ever considered that your sales approach could be about personal energy and feelings? Hurricane H may change your game.


Like last week's podcast chat, today I want to dive deep into a few key topics that touched me and will resonate with you, too:


  • Embracing Positivity The 'Hurricane H' Way


Each day is an untouched canvas, waiting for us to splash it with color and life. Embracing positivity each morning isn't just a saying; it's a lifestyle.


  • Challenging the Norms of Sales


It's not about pushing a product - it's about understanding, connecting, and offering solutions. Hurricane H’s approach to sales is akin to two friends having coffee, and it's refreshing. 


  • Painting Outside the Lines


Have you ever felt boxed in by tradition? Hurricane H is all about breaking free and dancing outside those lines. We'll look at ways to challenge the status quo without fear, leaning into radical thinking to find our unique paths.


  • The Exchange of Energy


The business world isn't just about transactions; it's about exchanging personal feelings and energy. Hurricane H is a master of this, ensuring every interaction he has is genuine and heartfelt. 


Hurricane H’s insights remind us that we can redefine norms, color outside traditional lines, and make every interaction count in sales, business, or personal lives. So, as you step into your world today, I challenge you: harness your inner hurricane, let positivity steer your sails, and watch the wonders it can do. 

Remember, every day is an opportunity to create a ripple effect with kindness and authenticity. 


So, what's your ripple going to be today?


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