Episode 57 - Turning Expertise into a Thriving Coaching Business with Ann Carden


I recently had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with the remarkable Ann Carden. With more than forty-one years in business, marketing, and sales, Ann is a force to be reckoned with. She's not only built seven successful businesses (and sold five of them!) but currently owns two. And guess what? For the past eleven years, she’s been coaching and consulting, aiding hundreds of entrepreneurs across fifty different types of businesses. To say she's a treasure trove of knowledge would be an understatement.


We discussed our personal journeys in the world of coaching, sharing both our challenges and our victories. I thought it'd be wonderful to share some of the invaluable insights we gleaned with you. 🌟

  • Stick With Your Passion

One mistake many make is jumping from one idea to another without giving any one of them the time it truly deserves. Don't forget, it's all about staying consistent. 

  • The Myth of the 'One-Size-Fits-All' Strategy

Every business is unique, so not all strategies will fit. Know your audience and tailor your strategy accordingly.

  • The Value of Sticking It Out

Every venture comes with its fair share of ups and downs. There's strength in persistence, so keep pushing through!

  • Breaking the Industry Rules

Ann’s bold move was to break away from the traditional coaching paths. Instead of the usual 90-day programs, she chose to help clients build real businesses. Sometimes, going against the grain is where the magic happens.

  • Share Your Unique Gifts

Every single one of you brings something special to the table. It's important to remember why you started and to keep offering the world those unique gifts. Because, trust me, there's someone out there who needs exactly what you have.


Our conversation truly highlighted the rollercoaster of building a thriving coaching business. It's not just about the game plan; it's the heart, determination, and recognizing your worth that truly counts.

Thanks for coming along on this adventure with me. If you feel like talking, sharing your insights, or just dropping a hello, I'm always here.

Until next again, continue to let your brilliance show and leave your impact.


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