Episode 54 - Demystifying Small Business Financing with Deb Curtis


Have you ever daydreamed about owning an established money-making small business


I totally get it; it's an exciting idea! But let's be honest: How do you navigate the labyrinth of securing funding through the Small Business Administration (SBA)? 


Fear not! Today, we've got a rockstar in the house – none other than Deb Curtis, the trailblazer in securing SBA-backed loans. If you're curious about how the SBA can turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality, you're in for a treat!


In this episode, we share: 


Demystifying Small Business Financing

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a confident understanding of how to secure funding for your dreams!


Busting the Biggest Myth: Buying an Established Business

Armed with Deb’s wisdom, you'll be making informed decisions like a pro in no time. Say farewell to uncertainty and get ready to tackle your entrepreneurial journey with a head held high!


Finding Your Treasure: The Perfect Small Business

Discover her secrets for finding the right business, charming potential sellers, and, of course, how to secure those sought-after SBA-backed loans. Get ready to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and build your empire with confidence!


Navigating the First Year as a Business Owner

Deb will reveal how banks can provide extra working capital to keep you afloat during those early days. And not to mention, she'll help you steer clear of common blunders that newbie entrepreneurs often make. So fasten your seatbelt because you're in for a smooth ride!


There you have it – the secrets of small business financing unveiled in an engaging chat with Deb Curtis! Armed with knowledge, insight, and a good dose of inspiration, you're well-prepared for your entrepreneurial journey. 


The world of small business awaits you – go forth and conquer! 


Click here to listen!


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