Episode 52 - Charting Your Path to Financial Milestones with Troy Holt


Are you tired of playing by the same old financial rules? 

Well, get ready to shake things up and redefine success on your terms! In this epic podcast episode, we're diving headfirst into the world of financial mastery with the incredible Troy Holt. He's not your average financial expert – he's a rule breaker who's here to help you break free from conventions and achieve financial greatness. 

In this episode, we share: 

  • Breaking the Mold: Unveiling the Seven Crucial Money Milestones

Forget about the cookie-cutter approach to finances! Get ready to kick those old-school notions to the curb and embrace a new way of thinking about your money goals.

  • Paying Yourself First: Making the Habit Fun and Empowering

Who said saving money had to be a snooze-fest? Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to a rewarding journey toward financial independence.

  • Protecting Your Fortunes: Unleashing the Superhero in You

Superheroes don't just save the world – they also protect their hard-earned money! Get ready to don your financial superhero cape and conquer any financial challenges that come your way!

  • The Magic of the Rule of 72: Supercharging Your Money Growth

Prepare to be amazed by the magic of the rule of 72! Get ready to witness your wealth multiplying like never before!

  • Tracking Your Way to Financial Freedom: A Fun Approach to Money Management

Who said managing money had to be boring? Discover the joy of tracking your spending and investments, and see how it can lead to greater financial clarity, smarter decisions, and, ultimately, your path to financial freedom.


Ready to break free from the financial status quo and embrace a whole new approach to success? Troy is your guide on this exciting adventure! By breaking the rules and implementing innovative strategies, you'll unleash your financial potential and create a path to lasting prosperity. 

It's time to break the rules, redefine success, and make your financial dreams a reality!

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