Episode 21 - The Ultimate Secret to Building Your Personal Brand with Olesija Saue



5 Key Reasons to Boost Your Personal Brand in Your Business

I had the joy of having Olesija Saue over as a guest expert in The Professional Rule Breaker podcast. Olesija is the real deal and a  treat for you and me when it comes to personal branding. As the former CEO of Forbes in Estonia, Olesija understands why CEOs and business owners hesitate on the topics of personal branding, which also prompted her to co-author the best-selling books, “Building a Story Brand” and “Building the Brand Named You.”


So here we break down the great reasons why setting a personal brand in your business is actually going to scale you up.


  • Your unique strengths are established.

The crucial element in a personal brand is the personal brand DNA, which comprises your unique strengths, unique values, and unique story. The uniqueness you have identified provides you the leverage over your competitors. While it’s true that many entrepreneurs also operate in the field that you’re in…there is only one you.   Your uniqueness will guide you on how to exactly package yourself, your product, or your service so that your niche market will know who you are. 


  • You display authenticity.

Now that social media is already part of the new normal in the area of marketing, personal branding has also stepped up to a new level. Potential clients will already know your brand not when you left the room, but even before you enter the room. They would want to see the authentic version of you and associate it with your product or service. Make no mistake that they do know authenticity from afar and when they find it in your personal brand, they choose your product or service.


  • You’re able to focus on your niche market.

Personal branding is your inner guide to finding your target audience. As a business owner, you understand that while it’s great to sell to everybody, it’s also not realistic. However, when you know your inner core, you are clear as to who your specific market is and you can package your product or service exactly for them. This way, you are fully giving them the value that they could always come back to.


  • You can measure your success.

Identifying your personal brand also enables you to identify what success looks like for you. Is it gaining a certain amount of social media followers? Is it hitting a specific target revenue for the month? Is it ticking off all your key performance indicators? Once you have designed your personal brand, you will also get clear on which areas you should work on, and which ones to maintain so that you can say your goal is a success.


  • You get to truly own your brand. 

As entrepreneurs, we encounter different forms of criticism and negative feedback.. But when you are fully set with your brand, you are not dissuaded by these unhelpful perspectives because you truly know your purpose, you know your market, and you are confident that you are serving your purpose. 


Authenticity is the keyword.

The market and business owners today are now bonded into the word authenticity.. What personal branding can do for you is set you up to be seen and noticed by the specific clients who will really be in your zone of influence. 


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